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Styled beach picnic

Picnic menu

Providing Everything You Need

Experience a day in paradise with our Styled Picnic on the Beach.
Our delicious menu and beautiful decor will add the perfect touch to any beach day occasion.
Leave the set up to us and enjoy a stress-free day soaking up the sun.

Inquire now and let us create a picture-perfect picnic for you.


Pineapple & tofu or Grilled chicken kebab​

Mango summer roll

Spinach quiche

Caprese stuffed Portobello Mushroom

Blue beetroot fold-over

Green wrap

Salmon and creme cheese bagel

Waffle bites

Te Matuku bay Oyster

Veggie sticks and Beetroot -Hummus

Charcuterie board

Mini doughnut


Chocolate fudge brownie

Fruit basket

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