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Waiheke´s Premier Catering

Breakfast, Wedding, Picnic & more 

Welcome to Take a Bite!

Wedding day breakfast, holiday home breakfast or corporate catering, we commit to excellence in every detail and for any occasion. From the premium produce to the meticulous attention, our team is dedicated to creating an extraordinary catering experience for you.

Daily, our devoted chefs crafting each item, they infuse it with passion and creativity. It’s more than food; it’s a symphony of taste and delight.

 May your tables be filled with laughter, your plates with joy, and your mornings with anticipation.

Bon appétit! 🥐


Mathias provided some canapés and platters for our wedding and they were so yum. Everyone loved them - especially the fried pasta bites. We would absolutely recommend! Thanks again!

Jacob N.

Absolutely incredible spread from Mathias. Many guests were asking who had done the catering! The food was delicious but also looked absolutely beautiful. Couldn’t be happier with this local Waiheke business. Thank you Take A Bite Waiheke!!

Gemma G.

Brilliant service and croissants that were devine. Highly recommend. We will be ordering again!

Katija V.
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