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Mini Canapes

Canapé bites

Perfectly designed for standing - Combine Convenience and Elegance

Canapés offer a memorable experience for clients, friends, or loved ones, suitable for any occasion. Discuss your event expectations with us; we strive to exceed them by customizing our menus to your specific event.


  • Gavurdagi Salatasi - Turkish spoon salad with Pomegranate/Lemon dressing

  • Pork Croquette with Cajun mayonaise

  • Cold Cucumber and Avocado soup with Ginger and Wasabi

  • Mango summer rolls

  • Blue Beetroot fold-overs

  • Eggplant hummus fold over with smoky tomato confit

  • Pistachio - Parmesan chip with Salmon creme 

  • Fig and goats' cheese Crostini

  • Shrimp Avocado cucumber bite

  • Waffle bites

  • Pasta chips

  • Courgette and Feta bite

  • Mango-Coconut creme brûlée

  • Mini quiche

  • 15hour potato with olive tapenade 

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